Wednesday, 26 October 2011

K.A.W.A.N :)


sometimes the word feels awkward me , all of us have friends right ?? but how many of them are truly friend ?
talking about friend and friendship is tiring ! seriously penat dahh asyik ckp bende yg samee ?? bukan senang nak jumpe kawan yg btul2 ikhlas kawan dengan kite ! i always hold on this quote about friend..
mak bayak kali cakap cari kawan yg bole susah senang bersame
 , tapii bukan senang nak jumpee..
A friend is someone who understand your pastbelieve in your future and accept the way you are today
the process of finding our true "FRIEND" is very long...
when we make a friend , we will also make an enemy..
*sign* the truth is ! I MISS MY FRIENDs ..
life full of secrets NURLIYANAIBRAHIM to find true friend is like searching black ant in the dark forest in the middle of the night. its hard but it’s not impossible…ehemehemm bukan senang tawuu !!
u might getting hurt in the middle of the making-friend process but at the end of the day u'll realize among of them there is someone u can call true friend..
i LOVE them and appreciate them..
hohoo satu dugaan hidup , banyak btul cabarann dan saia akan tempuhi segalanyaa , ceyhh POYO gile minah niee , this statements :))
thanks god :')


thanks reading , come again to nurliyanaibrahimstory ! wee :)
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